Branch resumes in 2021 with heart discussion

The Ceduna branch of the Country Women's Association hosted its first meeting for 2021 last week in the Anglican Church hall.

President Jenny Skinner welcomed eight members and received five apologies, with four visitors in attendance, before welcoming Charlie Sheridan and Christine Hygonnet from the Heart Foundation.

Their presentation was extremely helpful for people to help diagnose heart symptoms, and a reminder to get checked early.

All in attendance were given a questionnaire to fill out, and Claire Collins thanked the ladies and presented them with a gift.

Handicrafts began on Tuesday and will be held at the Anglican hall at 10.30am every third and fourth Tuesday of the month for members.

Claire Collins will be available to teach new crafts such as rope work, Bargello stitches and folded patchwork star and pot holders.

Judges for the competitions were Doreen Denton and Elaine Kloock. Kath Dunn's entry was deemed the most outstanding in the bloom category ahead of Amanda Hoffrichter, Jenny Skinner and Doreen Denton on 10 points and Mary Fox on nine.

Claire Collins' handicraft was the most outstanding, ahead of Doreen Denton, Amanda Hoffrichter and Elaine Kloock on 10 points and Kath Dunn on nine.

The roll calls were what people had been up to over the Christmas period.

The branch had welcomed state president Roslyn Schumann to the Christmas party at the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel, which was a fun day to close the year.

Afternoon tea then concluded an enjoyable meeting.

The next meeting will be at the hall on Tuesday, March 17.