Power bill saving for Far West communities

Cheaper power available for communities

Far West communities are among those in South Australia to receive cheaper electricity through a reduction of tariffs for 2020-21.

Under the Remote Area Energy Supply (RAES) scheme, the state government's reduction will see power bills lowered in 28 remote communities across the state and residents saving more than $100 a year.

Included in the list of communities are Nundroo, Oak Valley and Yalata.

The reduction is set to benefit about 3400 customers across 13 townships and 15 Aboriginal communities under the scheme.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan said tariffs under the RAES scheme were reviewed and set annually by the state government.

"As a result of this year's tariff review, RAES scheme tariffs will be adjusted downward to reflect recent reductions in prices for all other consumers," he said.

"This will deliver an average reduction of $118 a year for residential and $286 a year for business customers."

Mr van Holst Pellekaan said the reduction reflected the lower electricity prices available for South Australia.

"The state government has committed $5 million for the RAES Future Sustainability Program over the next four years, to introduce a range of measures to improve supply and integrate renewable energy into the RAES scheme," he said.

"This includes upgrading electricity meters with new smart meters that will help to improve energy efficiency and service delivery across the network.