Mollydooker Wines and the family behind the brand, the Marquises, will undertake a charitable challenge

FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Mollydooker Wines' Holly and Sarah Marquis.

FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Mollydooker Wines' Holly and Sarah Marquis.

In September, Holly Marquis will be starting a 60 day walk to cover the entire Heysen Trail of 1200km to raise money for The Bob Brown Foundation to help protect the Tarkine Rainforest in Tasmania.

CEO and Chief Winemaker, Sarah Marquis will also join her for two weeks of the trail. They plan to raise $10,000 for the environmental cause.

Mollydooker's 'Sip it Forward' program has supported Hutt Street Centre, Mercy Multiplied in the USA and Transform Cambodia. Mollydooker is also hosting a '$40 Wine and Dine for the Tarkine' charity event on August 7, at the winery.

For booking inquiries contact 08 8323 6500.

The Marquis family are passionate about winemaking, but also giving their time and donations to support communities, organisations and causes across the world

Having recently finished University, Holly had been planning to travel more, while Sarah had charity projects put on hold due to COVID-19

Holly and Sarah have been living on their family farm in the Adelaide Hills since COVID restrictions came into effect and have passed much of their down time by walking and taking hikes and hiking every Friday for a full day to train for the walk

Sarah had COVID upon returning from the USA. She was lucky not to be too sick and during her recovery and mandatory isolation did hours of walking per day.

As part of her fundraising efforts, Holly has set up a Chuffed fundraising page.

Tarkine, (Tarkanya Rainforest) is the world's second largest cool climate rainforest, home to 60 endangered species including the Tassie Devil and Wedge Tailed Eagle, holds some of the richest indigenous history in Australia and due to irreversible damage caused by logging, mining industries and bushfires, the ecosystem is being destroyed.

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