Holiday at home, taking inspiration from Mexico | Trending

San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico.
San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico.

If you can't take an exotic holiday, let the destination come to you. The vibrant colours and playful vibe inspired by Mexico are just the ticket.

Parrot cushion, $49. Perhaps inspired by famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, this parrot is rocking its floral headdress.

Ema top, $289. The pops of colour are almost overshadowed by the stylish balloon sleeves.

Cactus On Yellow print, from $38.95. No Mexican-themed, home-based fiesta is complete without referencing this succulent.

Polly Wanna Cracker trunks, $79. If you can't travel to Cancun, a splash at your own secluded spot could be the tonic you're after.

OPI Mexico City Collection, from $19.95. Inspired by the eclectic colours of the world's most thriving art scene in Mexico City. Available at select salons.

Slim Surf floral thongs, $35. Representations of the Mexican fan palm also evoke feelings of a far flung getaway.

Monte deck chair, $389. Enjoy a holiday at home with all the trimmings of an exotic escape.

Poeso modern rug, from $209.95. Fill your home with shades of pink, red and other bright hues to recreate a Mexican vibe.