Ceduna in state dirt circuit contention

Almost 90 cars racing with drivers aged from 12-years-old to 72 years took part in round one of the Dirt Circuit SA state titles at Port Lincoln earlier this month, with Ceduna still a chance to win the Dunn Brothers Trophy.

Drivers from across the state converged on Port Lincoln to race, with competitors from Ceduna, Arno Bay, Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Truro, Black Rock and Roxby Downs clubs joining the hosts.

Before the action got underway there was a minute's silence for Ceduna's Reg Davis, who passed away earlier this year.

A few big crashes throughout the weekend saw scratch outs from Roxby Downs, Whyalla and Port Augusta.

Port Lincoln, which rebuilt the entire premises after the November 2019 bushfires, used its home track advantage to lead the Dunn Brothers Trophy on 151 points, with Ceduna in second on 139.

Ceduna drivers did well in Port Lincoln, including David Carr who finished second in the street stocks on 19 points - and also had the fastest time - while Tyson Carr was fifth on 14 points.

Colin Thiele took out the modified division on 24 points, while Wayne Davis was second in the super modified class and also had the fastest time.

Meanwhile, Glen Watts finished second in the open wheelers.

The second round of the state titles is scheduled for the October long weekend in Port Pirie, although may not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic.



  • 1st PL74 Jed Trenowden, 20 points
  • 2nd C47 David Carr, 19
  • 3rd PL79 Stephen Moulden, 17
  • 4th AB27 Adam Ellis, 16
  • 5th C57 Tyson Carr, 14

Fastest time: 3.50.81, C47 David Carr


  • 1st AB16 Josh Smith, 22 points
  • 2nd W204 Michael Mashford, 22
  • 3rd BR27 Justin Lawrence, 14
  • 4th AB75 Noel Watts, 12
  • 5th PA56 Gordon Wilson, 9

Fastest time: 4.01.13, AB16 Josh Smith


  • 1st C51 Colin Thiele, 24 points
  • 2nd PL88 Emma Newland, 19
  • 3rd AB352 Taj Lear, 18
  • 4th W21 Andrew Schmitt, 18
  • 5th W45 Josh Pickert, 16

Fastest time: 3.44.84, W45 Josh Pickert


  • 1st PP35 Marc McGuire, 18 points
  • 2nd C29 Wayne Davis, 18
  • 3rd PP971 Keely Bown, 17
  • 4th PP46 Chris Heinrich, 17
  • 5th TD87 Greg McCarthy, 17

Fastest time: 3.42.64, C29 Wayne Davis


  • 1st W21 Andrew Schmitt, 22 points
  • 2nd C11 Glen Watts, 20
  • 3rd PP50 Bones Johnson, 17
  • 4th W65 Chloe Chenoweth, 16
  • 5th PL7 Jason Buckley, 15

Fastest time: 3.53.45, PP50 Bones Johnson


  • 1st PL196 Rex Lawrie, 22 points
  • 2nd PA21 Slade Petry, 19
  • 3rd W38 Kym Schmitt, 14
  • 4th PL666 Scott Harding, 13
  • 5th PP45 John Brine, 11

Fastest time: 3.39.40, W38 Kym Schmitt

The Dunn Brothers Trophy is awarded the the club with the most points after round two.

The table after round one:

  • 1st Port Lincoln 151 points
  • 2nd Ceduna 139
  • 3rd Whyalla 137
  • 4th Port Pirie 121
  • 5th Arno Bay 115
  • 6th Truro 70
  • 7th Black Rock 52
  • 8th Port Augusta 43
  • 9th Roxby Downs 23