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Marble removable wallpaper, from
Marble removable wallpaper, from

Spending some unplanned time at home? Transform the bathroom into your personal sanctuary with these easy updates you can purchase online.

Marcel bathroom accessories, $14.95 - $24.95. A touch of terrazzo in the bathroom is an easy way to create a boutique hotel vibe.

Minty cleanse bar, $11. Wash your hands (and every other body part) with this invigorating soap.

Iris Hantverk toilet brush with anthracite soft concrete bowl, $119. While it may seem exorbitant for a dunny brush, this Swedish-designed pairing has been handmade using birchwood and soft concrete by visually impaired craftsmen at the Iris Hantverk manufactory.

Stepp circle basin and stand, $1790. This is part of a new range of gorgeous concrete designs that will elevate the style clout in any bathroom. Available from mid-April, book your plumber now to arrange installation.

Callington wall light, $109. A dapper sconce with a clear reeded glass light shade, it provides light that's perfectly diffused for ideal for long soaks in the tub.

Bamboo hair turban, $39.95. Made from eco-friendly bamboo that's up to 60 per cent more absorbent than cotton, the design ensures the turban sits securely on your head. It's also naturally antibacterial and biodegradable.

Popitin pot, $110. Keep your cotton balls somewhere fancy. A ceramic container decorated with a hand-printed intricate ink drawing, it also has a 22 carat gold top on its lid and rim.

Seagrass storage baskets (set of three), $129.95. More storage, for your toilet rolls, dried bath toys and other boudoir odds and ends.

Toowoomba Carnival 4350 shower oil, $49. Beautiful oils are a bathroom essential. Massage it into dry skin, splash with water to create a milky emulsion, and rinse.

Eden towel range, $22.95 - $99.95. If it has been a while since you've treated yourself to new towels, now's the time to do so. This organic cotton range includes face washers, hand towels and bath sheets in a range of fashionable colours.

Angkai butler tray and stand, $299. Stack and display some of your favourite new bathroom goodies and pretend you're staying at a ritzy resort.

Round jumper valve wall top assembly taps, $249. Install some new taps - something you've always dreamed of having, which are also timeless in design. These are part of Meir's exclusive hotel range, now available for everyone.

Bamboo toothbrush, $4.50. If you're yearning to slow down, smell the roses, and embrace nature more generally, you don't have to stop in the garden. Eco-friendly products are readily available for every aspect of your bathroom routine.