Walk promotes well-being in Ceduna community

The Ceduna Well-being Group hosted a wellness walk last Sunday aimed at bringing mindfulness and well-being to community members.

Sponsored by the Far West Suicide Prevention Network, the walk saw a group of 18 people take the seven-kilometre journey from the Ceduna Sailing Club to Pinky Point and back.

Hans von Ohle, an event organiser, said the walk was designed to promote well-being in participants and others.

"It was a walk to unite the community with the aim of getting some well-being for themselves and others," he said.

"I gave a talk, noting that normally when people ask how you are going you respond, 'good' and they do the same, but you know it is not quite how it is - so it's about asking people if they are really ok.

"Our mental health system is failing a bit so this is about people looking after people, because the way the system is structured if you are in a crisis you need to melt down in a puddle for people to help out, but it's better to help people before that happens."

Mr von Ohle said community members could play a vital role as they would know when others were struggling before mental health practitioners.

"Be mindful of your mental health and that of family and colleagues, and ask people if they are ok."

After the walk the group enjoyed fruit platters and then Jill Crowther, a walk participant, asked if she could lead a yoga session as a way to wind-down.

Mr von Ohle said the feedback from the day was positive and that the group would organise more walks.

"People thought it was a good event," he said.

"The yoga session was a fantastic way to end the day and our group really appreciated Jill's effort.

"We have a meeting next month and will try to arrange another walk, and spread the word to get more people involved - we will try to do it every six weeks or so and look to include the yoga session as part of it."