Accessories are the finishing touch | Trending

Accessories are the finishing touch | Trending

Considered an art form by many, accessories can be the pièce de résistance of your outfit. Here's what you need to complete your look right now.

Gold Meteor pearl double drop earrings, $480. Pearls are the must-have adornment in jewellery right now, suiting everything from office attire to boho chic.

Ginger uber petite beast bucket bag, $269. Embrace cruelty-free materials such as faux fur or vegan leather when accessorising from top to toe.

Vinyl safari hat with neon drawcord, $28. There's a bucket hat out there for every member of the family, including this men's version.

Bad Bunny ring, $350. If you prefer your accessories to look edgy, opt for bespoke items with a point of difference.

Leopard sneakers $49.95. Sneak some animal print somewhere into your ensemble.

Champagne satin plait headband, $19.95. Headbands are the best friend of unwashed hair, and the perfect accompaniment for current romantic stylings.

Marrakesh Night Market wool scarf, $285. Accessories that evoke the feeling of a worldly traveller are on-trend this season.

Ulla Johnson saddle leather shoulder bag, $756. Rope-handled bags are no longer relegated exclusively to coastal fashion.

Polarised cat eye sunglasses, $299. Find the best vintage design you can, then invest in the latest technology against light and glare.

Black dragon heels, from 159. Clever designs have never been so accessible. These shoes come with a choice of seven interchangeable heel shapes, in a plethora of styles - simply pull the small lever hidden in the sole until the heel comes out of its binding and attach a new heel.

Aspen suede and leather gloves, $129.95. Accessories really come into their own once the weather cools.

Vanessa scrunchie, $16. If you've gathered quite an impressive collection of scrunchies over the past year you're in luck, as they remain a mainstay on the essentials list.

Amouage Honour Man, $439. Sometimes the most powerful accessory you can add to an outfit is the one you cannot see.