Cyclist enjoying cross-country challenge

David Roy served in the British Army for 22 years but is currently undergoing one of his greatest challenges - riding solo from Perth to Sydney.

Mr Roy stopped in Ceduna on Wednesday as part of his more than 4000-kilometre journey east, which he said he undertook to challenge himself.

"I came out of the army looking for a challenge - I've done stuff like this before, but never this length," he said.

"I've not ridden this long and it's definitely different to the army because you can't stop and there's nobody else with you.

"Having a phone just to talk has been a massive help, but being in the army taught me how to crack on and keep going."

This is Mr Roy's first time in Australia, having arrived late last year.

His plan to start his cross-country journey was halted by the closure of Eyre Highway due to bushfires last month, but once he got going on January 28 he said he had been riding about 120kms a day.

Challenged by the hot Australian summer, he said he enjoyed meeting people along the way.

"A hot and windy day can knock you for six and I am glad there were roadhouses along the Nullarbor," he said.

"Some of the scenery is outstanding and the people I have met have been great, and that's why I like doing this.

"It's good to meet people and I like to stop in little towns and chat to locals."

Mr Roy said he would be heading to Adelaide for new tyres, and he expected to be riding for about another month before reaching Sydney.