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Drilling the Bight - what is in it for us?

With the announcement that Equinor has passed the test for environmental standards, my mind has been quite busy.

I have, for a long time now, watched the debate rage; people in plastic canoes protesting against oil, people with houses to rent or other interests providing a dollar return, both sides at opposite ends of the scale.

I have never seen the logic being followed to approve the project and here is why.

1) The exploration is to be undertaken by a foreign company with no allegiance to Australia. They will likely not create any, or very minimal, local (Australian) employment, directly, or indirectly.

2) While I recognise the exploration licence is quite separate to an extraction licence, both are going to give us point one in economic and social gain.

3) Should oil be found and then extracted, the product will be shipped directly offshore for processing. Most jobs will be filled by existing employees. A small benefit may be seen in the supply of consumables but minute.

Therefore, my view of the whole thing is, what's in it for Australia and Australians? Nothing! A risk analysis would clearly demonstrate the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Unless we can value-add to the product, with Australian workers, in Australian owned facilities, to get a product for Australian use, it will be a huge scam.

Like African swine fever, let's stop it before it gets here. Now I sound really radical, take it as you may!



Well done Foreshore Hotel

Congratulations to the board, management and staff of the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel/Motel for the excellent New Year's Evening they organised and conducted.

You provided and catered for a great family focussed evening for all of our community and topped it off with a brilliant fireworks display.

Well done to all involved and hopefully it becomes a regular event for our great community.




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