Equinor asked to 'modify and resubmit' again

THE National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) has again called for Equinor to modify and resubmit its environment plan for proposed drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

A notice issued to Equinor on Friday last week called for further information about matters relating to consultation, source control, and oil spill risk as well as matters protected under Part 3 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

"The opportunity to modify and resubmit does not represent a refusal or rejection of the environment plan," NOPSEMA said.

"This is a normal part of NOPSEMA's environment plan assessment process."

NOPSEMA is required by law to provide titleholders a reasonable opportunity to modify and resubmit their plan if it does not meet the regulatory requirements for acceptance.

NOPSEMA previously requested further information from Equinor on June 27 to input into its environment plan.

Equinor has 21 days to respond to NOPSEMA's request to modify and resubmit its environment plan.

Equinor may request an extension to this timeline.