Ag land should be exempt from mining

The six changes listed in the article 'Better rights for our landholders' (West Coast Sentinel, October 24) are a Band-Aid effort to slightly postpone the inevitable.

The mining companies will override any attempt to keep them from ripping up landholders property.

What the landholders wanted was the Mining Act to read that agricultural land be exempt from exploration and mining - full stop! No appeal!

There are many sites for the mining companies to rip up instead of destroying valuable farm land.

The Liberal Party used to stand for the regional population but that has changed dramatically.

Over the past 10 years meetings have been held all over the Eyre Peninsula with many, many farmers/landholders attending.

One of the main subjects at these meetings was to keep mining companies off farm land.

The Liberal Party obviously have ignored what the landholders want. So who do we vote for in the next election?



West Coast Sentinel, October 24

West Coast Sentinel, October 24

Resignation explanation

In the interests of clarity and to dispel incorrect interpretations of my recent resignation from the District Council of Ceduna I proffer the following explanation.

Following incidental conversations with three individuals, an inference was made that an action of mine had been the subject of a complaint.

At no time, did any of the three persons involved reveal any specific details relating to the matter under question.

Following an all night, until early morning, review of council minutes, I concluded that a motion I had moved and then voted on was deemed to be a perceived conflict of interest.

I had moved that the Ngura Ydurirn Children and Family Centre should receive $500 from Council to purchase books, to encourage young children to engage in the purposeful and important activity of reading.

At the time I was unaware that the centre was a DECS site, and as I am employed by DECS I should have abstained from voting or contributing to the discussion and final decision.

Putting things into perspective following my recent health scare, I determined that I had greater priorities in my life to focus on and enjoy, rather than be distracted and held up by trivial issues of little importance.

I was enjoying my tenure and felt privileged to a be a member of a well run and organised council, with strong administration and leadership, an excellent body of elected members and dedicated employees at all levels.

I wish everyone involved with the District Council of Ceduna all the best for the future.



Lest we forget

Australians are justifiably proud of our Australian Defence Force current serving members and our veterans.

On November 11 at 11am I encourage all Australians to pause for a minute's silence and remember all those who have suffered and died in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

Every year we mark Remembrance Day because it was at this time and date in 1918 that the guns fell silent on the Western Front, officially ending World War I.

Originally known as Armistice Day, this day reminds us to pause and remember those who served in the 'war to end all wars' and every conflict and peacekeeping mission since. Remembrance Day is commemorated in towns, cities and communities across Australia and overseas and I encourage everyone to attend a service and wear a red poppy in memory of our servicemen and women. Thank you for your service.


Minister for Veterans and Defence Personnel

Meals on Wheels roster

Ceduna: Nov 8: G. Cooke, W. Dodd; Nov 11: C. Stott, J. Chandler; Nov 12: M. Walker, S. Woods; Nov 13: D. Walker, R. Skinner; Nov 14: L. Davis, K. Hammat.

Streaky Bay: Nov 8: H. Georgiou, A. Lynch; Nov 11: R. Walker, M. Ettridge; Nov 12: M. and R. Swanson; Nov 13: G. Banks, L. Mudge; Nov 14: C. Williams, N. Kurtzer.