Streaky Bay's Catalina Camilleri proud to call herself an Australian citizen

Streaky Bay resident Catalina Camilleri can now officially call herself an Australian after receiving her citizenship at a ceremony this week.

Mrs Camilleri was due to receive her citizenship at a ceremony hosted by the Streaky Bay District Council alongside two fellow community members last month, but was too sick to attend.

The council organised another ceremony to award her citizenship which took place on Tuesday at the Streaky Bay Visitor Information Centre, led by mayor Travis Barber.

Mrs Camilleri was born in the Philippines and has been living in Australia for the past decade.

She lives with her husband Bob Camilleri and their son Bob jr.

Mrs Camilleri said she was very grateful for the council putting on another ceremony and proud to now be an Australian citizen.

"It feels good to be an Australian," she said.

"I was disappointed to miss the ceremony last time - I was really sick - but I am very proud now."

She said she enjoyed living in Australia, especially in Streaky Bay.

"It is different from where I come from and the people are nice, especially in the country," Mrs Camilleri said.

"The lifestyle is good in the country, it is nice and peaceful."