Letters to the editor

Bight is too precious to risk

I write this as a visitor to the Great Australian Bight for approaching 50 years. I had my 16th birthday here in 1973 and turn 62 later this year.

Over this time I have made many friends here and it is the people that live here also that make the Bight special for me.

Home for me is east coast Tasmania, a small town called Bicheno.

While a very stark contrast to this part of South Australia, each has its own beauty; one difference that smacks me in the face is the amount of seaborne rubbish.

The East Australian Current runs south along the entire eastern seaboard of the country and with it come all sorts of things.

In Tasmania because of this, we see turtles and sea snakes, which relatively rare, reported most year, for them a one way trip to the end of the road.

Another thing is the trash.

The Bight is so much cleaner than eastern Australia. While rubbish is present it is nothing like the levels one would find on any east Australian shoreline.

A close friend of mine from Bicheno last year visited Far North Queensland and with some local people made an off road trip to a remote bay requiring a day's work to open the track.

Upon arriving he was shocked at the level of plastics in this otherwise pristine place.

He reports it being several feet deep!

Anyway, the point being, the Bight is the cleanest shoreline in all of Australia.

To even consider allowing drilling on that depth of water to proceed is not only morally wrong but dangerous.

Today's world, changing at a rapid rate, is facing some really complex issue, climate crisis, renewable energy amongst them.

Fossil fuels will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future and the sooner the better.

Unfortunately the political will to change and look ahead is decidedly lacking and it is obvious to all that coal, gas, and oil pretty much run the show. The pollies are dancing to their tune.

Sure, jobs are important in regional areas but at what cost?

I was a commercial fisherman for two-and-a-half years and then I built a glass bottom boat which I ran for 10 years in Bicheno so the sea has been a big party of my life.

Should there be a spill in the Bight, all of southern Australia will be affected.

The computer models are frightening.

At the end of the day, we don't need it and the risk is not worth it.

I sincerely hope common sense prevails and this project does not proceed. If Australians could vote on this issue, there is no doubt which way it would go.



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Streaky Bay: Friday, Sept 13: J. Williams, S. Gilmore; Sept 16: L. Bubner, A. Goddard; Sept 17: P. Hogan, J. Kenny; Sept 18: D. Stephens, Z. Chester; Sept 19: H. Flannigan, A. Sidler.