Postie bikes tackle the Nullarbor

Starting their journey in Port Augusta, a group of friends from Canberra have enjoyed a great fortnight crossing the Nullarbor to play the Nullarbor Links golf course - and they are doing it on old postie motorcycles.

Having hit the road on five old Australia Post bikes, the group started their adventure in Port Augusta and took the long way west, going down to Port Lincoln before heading back up to Eyre Highway and across the Nullarbor.

They reached Kalgoorlie and turned around to enjoy a round on the world's longest golf course, finishing in Ceduna on Tuesday.

Brothers Matt and Leonard Pooley, James Angus, John Vukovic and David Caton have taken their bikes across the desert and while one of the bikes was not in action by the time the group made it back to Ceduna, they said it had been a fantastic few weeks.

"It started with three of us as a 'Top Gear' challenge, and it went from cars to bikes to postie bikes, and then we had two more join in," Leonard Pooley said.

"It has been a fantastic trip seeing the countryside."

They said they enjoyed their journey through Eyre Peninsula, especially Port Lincoln and around Coffin Bay.

Mr Caton had tackled the Nullarbor previously, but for most it was a first time on the stretch.

The group cruised along at about 75 kilometres per hour along Eyre Highway, although one bike suffered broken spokes and had to be retired to the support vehicle.

As for the Nullarbor Links, each player brought along one club that could be used - luckily one remembered to bring a sand wedge.

"It's a challenging course, and very unforgiving," Mr Caton said.