Laptop donation to help Ceduna children

Aboriginal Family Support Services (AFSS) at Ceduna was the grateful recipient of laptops from Iluka Resources which will be distributed to children in out of home care in the region.

Iluka recently undertook an IT upgrade across a number of its sites with about 80 laptops from Jacinth-Ambrosia upgraded for workers and after being contacted by AFSS it was agreed to donate a set of those laptops.

AFSS Ceduna manager Katharine Micka said the laptops would go to children in family based care or residential services programs.

"The children will be able to use the laptops for educational purposes," she said.

"A lot of children in the programs have educational delays because of the trauma they have suffered and we have programs on there to help the kids catch up.

"Those who need one can get a laptop."

Ms Micka thanked Iluka's IT personnel for going through the time-consuming process of wiping the computer of their programs ahead of the handover.

Iluka's community relations officer Heathe Champion said this was an opportunity to help the community.

"This IT refresh is big from an Iluka perspective, and from there we saw there was a need and chance to help out," he said.

"This is a pretty good piece of equipment and we were happy to help."