Regional forums to gauge year 7 transition to high school on Eyre Peninsula

Regional community forums will be held to let Eyre Peninsula people have a say on the planned transition of year 7 to high school in 2022 and a proposal to give year 7 students at some schools the choice to remain at primary school during the transition.

The proposal being considered is modeled on Western Australia's approach and will give Koonibba Aboriginal School and Penong Primary School families the option to keep their year 7 child in primary school until 2025 because these schools are more than 20 kilometres away from their nearest area school or high school.

Eyre Peninsula education director Rowena Fox said regional consultation dates had not been finalised but the transition for year 7 students to high school was a good thing for the region's students.

"It will be good for those students looking for opportunities to do specialised subjects that they can't do in the primary school setting," she said.

"We have a lot of work to do in setting it up, area schools already have year 7s in their schools but they will have to remember that they are not primary students anymore and possibly restructure the curriculum."

Regional communities across Eyre Peninsula are invited to have their say on the planned move and the proposal through a series of upcoming forums and on the YourSAy website.

The state government has promised $1.3 billion in funding for schools to continue funding priority projects and add additional classrooms, science labs and design technology spaces in anticipation of the move.

It has also promised $13 million for extra training for teachers and principals.

The state's year 7 to high school project director Caroline Croser-Barlow said the department knew regional families traveled considerable distances to school.

"We're keen to hear from regional communities about our proposal to offer flexibility to those families in the move of year 7 to high school," she said.

"The information gathered through community consultation will also help us address other issues of concern, as we move toward the introduction of year 7 in all South Australian public high schools from term 1, 2022."