Six EP silo sites closed permanently

Viterra is set to permanently close six silo sites on the Eyre Peninsula this harvest, after releasing their preliminary segregation plan for 2019/2020 last month.

Sites at Minnipa, Kyancutta, Cungena, Waddikee, Kielpa and Wharminda form part of a group of 17 from around the state that will be closed permanently, which Viterra says reflects the delivery patterns of growers.

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill said it was aimed at providing customers with the most sustainable and efficient supply chain.

"There are six sites, including Minnipa and Kyancutta that opened last year that will not open in the 2019/20 harvest and will not play a future role in the Viterra network," he said.

"There are an additional 11 sites, including Cungena, Waddikee, Kielpa and Wharminda that haven't opened for a year or more that will also not open in the 2019/20 harvest and beyond.

"Based on a five year average, these sites represent less than two percent of total receivals."

Mr Hill said Viterra's investment was focused on larger sites that were able to handle all truck configurations, segregation options, elevation capacity, turnaround times, opening hours, infrastructure and staffing.

"We have communicated directly with growers to advise of these changes in advance of the 2019/20 harvest to help plan their operations," he said.

"Viterra plans to open 67 sites across South Australia for the 2019/20 harvest (compared to 73 in 2018/19) with no changes to the overall provision of storage capacity and segregations for the major crops grown in South Australia.

"We are very confident about the future of the grain industry in South Australia and the important role we play in connecting growers with end-users."

He said Viterra would continue to invest in people, infrastructure and services to provide the most value to customers safely and in a sustainable manner.

The preliminary segregation plan for the 2019/2020 harvest to assist growers with their harvest planning can be found on the Viterra website.