Study to get perspectives on compulsory income management

Researcher Steven Roche will visit Ceduna later this month as part of an Australian Research Council study on compulsory income management.

The study, titled 'Conditional Welfare: A Comparative Case Study of Income Management Policies', will see Mr Roche speak to the Ceduna community to gauge perspectives of compulsory income management.

Mr Roche, from Monash University, will be in Ceduna for three days from Tuesday, June 25 to Thursday, June 27 to conduct interviews.

The independent study has seen researchers head to sites such as Shepparton, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay and Adelaide's northern suburbs.

"At each of the sites we are trying to get an overall community view of compulsory income management," Mr Roche said.

"In Ceduna, this includes people on the cashless debit card, what they think about it, perceptions about the card and themselves, interactions they have had with Centerlink and if it has impacted behaviours in any way.

"We are trying to get an understanding of issues, why and how the card was introduced, who supported it, and what debates there were and may still be about it."

Mr Roche said the team was interested in the perspective of people on the cashless debit card, community groups and organisations, service providers and policy makers.

He will speak to organisations such as Centacare, Save the Children, Stepping Stones, plus individuals on the card and other community members.

"We are looking for diverse views within communities," Mr Roche said.

"It is a national study and we want to find commonalities and differences between the locations - obviously locations will have their own issues and the Adelaide suburbs can differ from Ceduna, which is different from Bundaberg.

"We want to work out if a 'one size fits all' approach is working, or if it needs a more nuanced approach."

If you would like to be interviewed while Mr Roche is in Ceduna, please contact him on 0481 570 609 or

Face-to-face interviews will last about 30 minutes, or a phone interview can be arranged outside of Mr Roche's visit.

People on the cashless debit card will receive a $30 Coles Myer gift voucher for participating in an interview.