Draft Streaky Bay council budget out for public consultation

The Streaky Bay District Council has released its draft annual business plan for 2019/20, with ratepayers to pay 3 per cent more for rates if the budget is approved.

The draft budget is now available for public consultation and includes plans to increase general rate revenue by 3 per cent, partly due to the council's ongoing commitment to the Streaky Bay Medical Clinic.

The plan includes a 2 per cent increase of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and a further 1 per cent to offset payments made to retain the medical service.

The council's chief executive officer Karina Ewer said the extra increase above CPI was important to help maintain the status of the clinic.

"Council didn't see anyway around that, while still delivering services people need and expect," she said.

"Council will get about $30,000 from that extra one per cent, so not enough to cover the clinic costs, but it helps.

"It is a tight budget because we don't know the impacts the medical clinic and other services will have and we have tried to take that into consideration."

A number of projects are budgeted for the upcoming financial year, including the Streaky Bay Foreshore Tourist Park upgrade, the Poochera Oval complex ceiling repairs and the council's road re-sealing and re-sheeting program.

Ms Ewer said the caravan park was a "huge priority" and an important project for attracting visitors to the area, while the the council's IT upgrade would save on the IT budget and allow for greater efficiencies in the computing system.

She also said the medical clinic remained the council's biggest priority.

Mayor Travis Barber said there had been robust discussion in formulating the draft budget.

"While not all projects were able to be funded this year and some previous ongoing activities were removed from the budget, we hope this plan will continue to provide the required services to the community whilst minimising the financial impact on the community," he said.

Ms Ewer said the council identified what it deemed higher priority projects through recent community forums, however the budget could be altered if during the consultation period the community did not believe a certain project required such status.

Ms Ewer said the council's long-term budget outlook was healthy.

"I think long term council is in a good position and will continue to get better at budget projects."

The draft budget and feedback survey are available at the council office or can be downloaded at www.streakybay.sa.gov.au.

Written and verbal feedback will be received at a public meeting on Thursday, July 4 at the Streaky Bay Visitor Information Centre.