Election done so now it's time to get to work

ANOTHER election has come and gone and most people were probably not surprised by the result for our local Grey electorate.

The words safe seat were thrown around a lot in the lead up and are probably being used now as we all take stock of what these results could mean for us all.

Somehow this election seemed more important to get right and only time will tell if the nation has managed to do that.

In the weeks before enrollments closed 70,000 people between the ages of 18 and 24 enrolled and it's likely that things like climate change ranked higher than franking credits on their ballot papers.

These young people will be voting for years to come and they know what they want.

More and more young people are taking part in protests and even those not taking part are being exposed to this political activism and making up their own minds about what they would like the future to hold.

Perhaps the extra weight on this election has come from the numerous issues facing us locally.

The drilling in the Great Australian Bight springs to mind, as does the foreboding closure of the railway, the nuclear waste facility at Kimba and the doctor shortage.

The knowledge that if we don't get some of these things right that our future will be drastically changed, weighed heavily when putting pencil to paper on the weekend.

Grey is an extremely large electorate and the regions within it no doubt have lists of things affecting their communities that they also want addressed.

The good news is that now the election is over we can stop dealing in promises and start building a future we can all be proud of.

We can start pushing for the results we want from the people who have the power to do something.

Hopefully those people are also brave enough to do what needs to be done.

Now that we have cast our votes we all have to take responsibility for the collective decision we have all played a part in determining.

That's the great thing about democracy.

So if the election didn't go your way do more than say 'I didn't vote for him, it's not my fault'.

Help keep our leaders, local and national, to account because now, that is all we can do.