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Budget not as it seems

In response to the Ceduna council budget, a two per cent rise sounds pretty good.

Well, it's nowhere as good as it sounds.

Last year we received a six per cent rise and it sounds like it will be similar again - if you reduce rates for some areas, others will pay more.

As well as this, the council has invented a new rate.

As we now have a communication tower on our property we have an extra council rate of about $1600 per year.

All up we were up for an extra $2000 in one year.

If the council can legally put a council rate on a tower which takes up just 10 metres by 12 metres, can they legally put a council rate on every power pole on one's property?

We have 42 power poles on our home block, of which only 10 poles service our needs.

Please don't tax our essential services.



Realities of global warming

According to the instant unqualified experts like the Greenies it's burning coal, now we have vegans telling us not to eat meat - it's all because of cows passing wind.

These groups are spouting huge volumes of meaningless hot air contributing to more global warming than a coal-fired power station.

Has anyone given thought to the following?

Our planet rotates on a delicate axis, creating gravity and weather patterns that sustain life as we know it.

Over the past 100 years we have mined millions and millions of tonnes of products from deep below the surface and shipped it to the other side of the planet using coal to produce products enabling massive structures built high above that ground, then billions of tonnes of oil, gas and water also pumped from deep below the earth's surface to be consumed above by cars, buses, trucks, trains and more so by commercial and military jets, using millions of tonnes of fuel creating massive temperatures burning tonnes of oxygen to create as much CO2, high in the atmosphere to create thrust.

Then massive rockets burning holes in the ozone layer by creating millions of degrees of heat by burning massive amounts of oxygen to produce as much CO2.

The atomic and hydrogen bomb tests above and below the surface creating millions of degrees of heat, turning oxygen into CO2, and sending unbalancing shock waves around the world.

And countries deliberately overpopulating to gain control, all requiring housing, transport, etc, etc.

Is it just possible we have slightly shifted the earth's balance enough to create our problems?

That's what I think.


Streaky Bay

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