Local group joins demonstration

Locals and visitors gathered at Point Sinclair over the weekend for a 'Hands Across the Sand' demonstration to oppose Equinor's planned oil exploration activities in the Great Australian Bight.

The event has been running for many years at coastal locations throughout the country and this year's events have attracted thousands of people nationwide.

Point Sinclair's fun-filled community saw more than 60 people of all ages and backgrounds display banners and voice their concerns about the impacts of seismic activities on local fauna and of the potential consequences modelled by Equinor should there be a mishap during the proposed drilling program.

"The economics don't stack up," local Chris Bampton said.

"People only have to look at 'mining boom' towns across Australia to see that any supposed economic benefit to the region is short lived and invariably damaging in the long term, [and] what are we going to be left with if something does go wrong?

"Certainly nothing as beautiful as what's behind us now."

The Point Sinclair area is used as a holiday retreat during the summer months and enjoyed by thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Ceduna residents have planned another 'Hands Across the Sand' event on the foreshore this Sunday at 11am for those who wish to attend, meeting at Fosters Boat Ramp between the Ceduna Sailing Club and the jetty.