All play a part in keeping fruit fly at bay

The Far West of South Australia is on the front line in the effort to keep fruit fly from impacting the state's horticultural produce valued at $1.2 billion.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly does not exist in South Australia and the only way it can arrive is to be brought in.

With Australians constantly travelling the length and breadth of country, it is critical we remain vigilant to the bio-security threat.

Travellers must be reminded not to bring fruit and vegetables into South Australia, whether by road or air.

The South Australian Government has in place a $5 million annual program aimed at keeping fruit fly and other plant pests and diseases out of the state.

Permanent quarantine stations are based at Ceduna and Yamba.

There are also stations at Pinnaroo and Oodla Wirra, along with a network of 19 quarantine bins along our eastern border.

PIRSA conducts regular inspections of more than 3000 traps across the state, including in the Ceduna area.

An outbreak of fruit fly in was detected in Ceduna on June 14, 2018.

The quarantine restrictions put in place following this outbreak are set to be lifted this week.

A successful eradication operation also took place following an outbreak at Thevenard in November last year.

The state government is responding to a further outbreak in Thevenard, which was declared on January 24, 2019.

Without further detection, the restrictions are expected to be lifted in October this year.

The eradication program uses a combination of baiting and hygiene operations, as well as the release of sterile Mediterranean fruit flies.

The development and introduction of Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) has added significantly to the success of the program - and Biosecurity SA is to be praised for its response.

With fruit fly rampant in other states, our fruit fly free status gives a significant marketing advantage for our producers.

With our state borders under continued pressure, we all need to play our part in keeping South Australia 'fruit fly free'.

Residents are reminded that if they find or even suspect maggots in their fruit, to report it to the fruit fly hotline on 130 666 010.


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