Louth Bay man rides again against domestic violence

A former Ceduna resident who has twice before travelled across Australia to spread his message of preventing domestic violence will depart for a third ride in July.

Ivan Phillips, now of Louth Bay, has been an advocate against domestic violence ever since the death of his daughter in 2007.

Mr Phillips had ridden across Australia twice before, including in 2016 on his 'Riding Free of DV' ride which saw him ride more than 15,000 kilometres along the Australian coastline while spreading his message.

Riding Free of DV will take place again this year as Mr Phillips departs on July 19 and travels more than 11,000km through central Australia and along the Western Australian coastline.

The trip will include travelling along the western coast of Eyre Peninsula, and Mr Phillips said he expected to be riding through Ceduna as part of the final leg on Sunday, August 25, or close to that date.

Mr Phillips said he wanted to visit many of the communities that supported and inspired him previously.

He said it was always a challenge to get started but it got easier as he went along.

"Mentally it always plays with me when I start because on the first day or two I doubt my ability to complete such an ambitious ride, but if I segment it rather than look at the ride as a whole it becomes more manageable," he said.

Mr Phillips said he targeted young men and engaged them with his motorcycle ride as males made up the vast majority of domestic violence perpetrators.

However, his activities against domestic violence have extended beyond riding across Australia.

Mr Phillips said he would "get a phone call every week" to speak about domestic violence.

An Eyre Peninsula specific fund has also been established to assist women in an immediate domestic violence crisis.

Mr Phillips said this pool of funds was not to compete with existing services, but fill the gaps that agenicies that get government funding could not fill.

"There's not one cent of government funding, that's the way I want it, we're not bound by their guidelines," he said.

More information is available on the 'Riding Free of DV' Facebook page.