Ceduna mayor caught up in sexist meme saga

ONLINE SAGA: Ceduna mayor Perry Will has been accused of sexism on his local business' Facebook page.

ONLINE SAGA: Ceduna mayor Perry Will has been accused of sexism on his local business' Facebook page.

Ceduna mayor Perry Will has been accused of sexism and making derogatory comments on his business' Facebook page from Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young. 

The page, which has now been taken down, posted a photo of Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young with a joke about oral sex, which Ms Hanson-Young has said is both 'highly' sexist and derogatory. 

Mayor Will has since blamed hacking for the incident, after the post was made public on his page on March 1. 

Ms Hanson-Young posted about the mayor's post to twitter, and also stated she had not yet received an explanation or apology from the mayor. 

“This post is disgusting and degrading to all women,” she said. 

“As a person elected to public office, paid a salary by ratepayers, Mayor Will has certain responsibilities to behave appropriately and professionally.

“The mayor’s claims he was hacked are hard to believe...No decent person would allow this to be published in public view for almost two weeks." 

She said she has referred the matter to police, and is seeking advice over Mayor Will's possible breach of Code of Conduct for elected officials. 

"Publishing smutty and abhorrent material like this shows the bloke clearly isn’t up to the job of being an elected Mayor," she said. 

Ceduna council's chief executive Geoffrey Moffatt declined to comment on the matter, but said it was very distressing for Mr Will to be accused of publishing the post. 

Former Ceduna mayor Allan Suter has defended Mr Will, but says he doesn't speak on his behalf or the council's, rather as a concerned citizen. 

"There is no doubt that the site was hacked maliciously, and the reaction from the Senator was borderline hysterical," he said. 

"Mayor Will is not the sort of person who makes irresponsible, foolish statements.

"(Ms Hanson-Young) should be aware sites can be hacked … the Senator should be assured there is no way he made those comments."

She then said the two held differing views over drilling in the Great Australian Bight. 

Senator Hanson-Young has previously taken legal action against former fellow senator David Leyonhjelm, accusing him of defaming her and attacking her character by him stating she thought all men were rapists in a media statement and following interviews.