Student artwork to adorn hospital

An art piece created by four Crossways Lutheran School students in 2018 was presented to the palliative care unit at Ceduna District Health Services this week.

The artwork was created by year 10 students Tyson Edwards, Leearnah Wanganeen, Jaziah Miller and Ashley O'Loughlin, who crafted the piece across a semester for community studies.

It was presented to the hospital's executive officer Andrew Lane and Janet Evans, who was the driving force behind the upgrade of the palliative care unit.

Crossways teacher Terena Evans said the students worked very hard on completing the piece.

"The students wanted to create an artwork for somewhere in the community and we thought the hospital was a good location, where it could be tied in with the palliative care upgrade," she said.

"There was quite a process involved aside from finishing the artwork, the students had to get in touch with the hospital to see if they wanted something, where it would go, and other details.

"It was a two-term project and they worked a double lesson a week, plus more, to finish."

The piece has a marine theme which ties into the location.

Tyson - who is now in year 11 at Ceduna Area School - said the group was happy with the final product.

"We included the sea animals because of the hospital's location along the shore and because it compliments the view," he said.

"All of us are proud of our work."

The artwork will be placed in the courtyard close to the palliative care unit.