Getting musical at Wudinna Senior Citizens meeting

This month's Wudinna Senior Citizens meeting involved two special guests and hit a musical note.

Nicole Walkem was introduced as the first guest of the afternoon.

She plays in bands and has taught music in schools, and said classical music was her first love.

She shared details of famous composers and played some of their music.

This included music from Johann Sebastian Bach, who was a German composer and regarded as the greatest composer of his time.

He had a wife and 12 children, but not all lived to adulthood.

Ms Walkem also spoke of Mozart, as well as Beethoven, who was a gifted musician with the piano his preferred instrument, but had poor people skills.

She played some of his music, plus music from Felix Mendelssohn, Claude Debussy and Polish composer Frederic Chopin, who wrote music and played the piano for others.

It was very informative and delightful to listen to Ms Walkem, who then had to make way for the group's second guest speaker Denise Field, who came from Bank SA to speak to the group during her lunch break.

Ms Field explained about the use of a debit card and how if somebody lost it then having an additional card would be of advantage until matters could be sorted out.

Members asked questions and felt the information provided was very beneficial.

Ms Field said she would be happy to discuss if people came into the bank with any further questions.

While Ms Walkem was able to join members for afternoon tea, Ms Field had to go back to work.

On March 1 the branch hosted a games day, however it was very hot and a lot of members did not want to brave the weather.

Yet those who did enjoyed a time of fellowship together, as well as a chance to play games.

On Friday, March 22 is a mystery auction at 2pm.

Group members are asked to bring a mystery gift valued at about $10 wrapped in newspaper - you may wish to donate household goods that are no longer wanted.

This is usually enjoyed when parcels are unwrapped and everybody can see what is available.