Opening a chance to acknowledge efforts

The Thevenard Marine Offloading Facility is proceeding to plan.

The dredges have arrived and all the rumours are wrong - the settling dams on lot five for the dredged material are complete and the liner is in place.

Recently we posted some designs for an 'entrance statement' on the Eyre Highway entry to Ceduna from Western Australia.

These designs are provided on the council website for your perusal and will be posted in the council admin foyer and Ceduna Visitor Information Centre window.

This project has been a tragic drama over the last 20 years and the past council decided that we needed to make a move in a positive direction of getting our entrances made more presentable.

The official opening of the Ceduna safer swimming enclosure is tomorrow, where we will acknowledge the sponsors and committee that worked nearly 18 years to bring this project to fruition.

However, there will be ongoing issues as the sea relentlessly tests this infrastructure and with the added human testing there are going to be modifications and repairs.

We have replaced the D-shackles and improved the floating collars holding the net and placed a temporary pontoon in the middle for this summer.

There will be a free sausage sizzle provided at the foot of the jetty by the Ceduna Area School year 9 students raising money for their trip to Canberra.

Now for the information of the few, we will not be dredging around on social media looking for comments from 'keyboard cowards' venting their spleen on local rumour and fantasy.

Keyboard cowards as they've been termed by many now are the people who sit behind their computer, tablet or phone screens and type nasty comments to others on the net because they feel anonymous.

These people have lost touch with reality and forgotten that most are still connected by phone and that it is even possible to still have a face-to-face conversation.

The chief executive officer and myself are amazed that we have never been asked for an appointment or had a call from any of these keyboard cowards to actually get the correct information firsthand.

Their ideology blinds the existence of reality.


Ceduna District Council mayor