A welcome to Ceduna with style

The Ceduna District Council wants to welcome visitors with a new Ceduna entrance sign designed to add a sense of arrival for travellers.

The council announced its plan last week and released two concept designs for the western town entrance.

While the council has recognised the need for a key welcoming point, the project remains in its infancy and detailed designs have not yet been considered, approved or costed.

The conceptual designs aim to capture the demographics of the region.

One design includes four panels which highlight the region's Indigenous heritage, Murat Bay, plus the agricultural and aquaculture sectors.

Another design has the option to stagger four panels along the entrance.

Mayor Perry Will said upgrading entrances to the town and replacing the information bays was overdue.

"We need to clean up entries and make a significant statement as people come into town," he said.

"Council has been working towards it for the last 10 years or so, we've now decided we will get designs and costings."

Mr Will said a welcome sign would first be erected at the western entrance, between the quarantine station and Oyster Barn, before looking at a sign for the eastern entrance to town.

"This is the easiest one to do now, then we can look at the other side."

People can provide feedback by calling the council on 8625 3407 or emailing council@ceduna.sa.gov.au, while there will be a public consultation period once draft designs are presented to the council and finalised.