Ceduna to host suicide prevention workshop

Two events focusing on opening up about mental health and suicide prevention training will be coming to Ceduna.

The first event sees riders from the group Let's Talk making their way from Perth to Warrnambool, stopping in regional communities along the way including Ceduna.

They will be at the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel from 7pm on Monday, March 18.

That will be followed by a Wesley LifeForce suicide prevention workshop, also at the Foreshore Hotel, on Tuesday, April 30.

Daniel Smith - who is involved with the events - said all were welcome to attend the free sessions.

"There is a group of 15 or so from Warrnambool, a rural area with a community affected by suicide, who are riding from Perth and will stop along the way to give talks, which is free and anyone can attend," he said.

"If we could get a minimum of 25 people to the Let's Talk session that would be great."

The Wesley LifeForce workshop's training will equip participants with a variety of skills such as managing suicidal crisis, understanding risk and protective factors, as well as how to recognise potential warning signs.

Mr Smith said early intervention was crucial.

"The session gives an insight into identifying signs of people who may be suffering," he said.

"Then once you identify signs, being capable of implementing measures to help that person."

Mr Smith said he had previously completed the workshop and said it would help people who may struggle with the next step of how to approach somebody who may be suffering.

"There are strategies to identify if somebody is suffering from mental health issues and how to approach that person - there is a specific way that is taught," he said.

"In regional communities people can be hesitant about speaking up as everyone knows everyone."

The course has been designed to gain outcomes such as people understanding risk and protective factors; learning how to identify the warning signs; learning how to ask directly about suicide intent; and understanding what local and national support and resources were available to support a person at risk.

Mr Smith said people who took the course would find it beneficial and said it was aimed at people who may know somebody who could be feeling depressed.

People can register for the workshop online at Eventbrite.