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Councillors represent ratepayers

As a new member of the Ceduna District Council I would encourage all ratepayers and residents to approach any of the elected members, names and contact details available on the council’s website, in relation to any matter concerning our local area.

Each of the councillors are there to represent your needs and concerns, by providing a voice for the ratepayers and residents of Ceduna and districts at council meetings.

Rate payers and residents are the "eyes and ears" of council, and we, as councillors, rely on each of you to provide feedback or suggestions on things which need to be done or addressed.

Without this essential ratepayer input council will not function at its full capacity.

So, whether it be footpaths, signs, litter, roads or budgets, have your say and speak to, write to or phone one of the councillors.

I look forward to representing you.



Fabulous community

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community, what a fabulous community Ceduna/Thevenard is.

We cannot speak highly enough of the people of Ceduna and Thevenard for the love and support we received during Peter’s illness and when he passed.

You all rallied around us and helped with numerous things preparing for his send-off, and what a beautiful send-off it was.

He was so proud and spoke so highly of the people and area and now we know why.

What a great bunch wonderful caring people, forever thank full.

DEBRAH PAHL on behalf of the Cummings family


Got to get mining bill right

On February 26 the Liberal government intends to reintroduce the Mining Bill into parliament for debate.

Before the 2018 election the party promised that they would ‘consult far and wide’ to try and make the legislation fairer for landowners.

By the end of 2018 they had reneged on that promise and reintroduced the bill which was almost word for word the Labor bill that they had indeed blocked.

The legislation has remained unchanged since 1971 and it is time for it to be updated but after so many years it makes sense to take the time and get it done properly.

Various industry bodies and concerned groups are asking the government to conduct an independent review and get all the facts before making any changes.

We have such a small amount of arable land in this state why should we sit back and allow it to be used for mining?

As there is a vast amount of minerals in the north of the state why not leave prime agriculture land alone.

Unfortunately, once valuable farming land has been lost to mining it can never be replaced or restored to its former productivity.

South Australia prides itself on its sustainable, clean, green image when marketing our commodities to the world and we run the risk of damaging that reputation.

If you are concerned about food security and where your food will come from for the next 100 years, please contact your local member and voice your concern.



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