Ceduna student earns merit

Ceduna Area School’s Cheyenne Coote was among the highest achieving SACE students from the class of 2018 who were celebrated at the SACE Merit Ceremony in Adelaide this week.

The ceremony saw 902 students receive 1141 subject merits for outstanding achievement in SACE Stage 2 subjects, including the Ceduna student.

Cheyenne was awarded a merit for her A+ grade in Research Project.

She attended the ceremony hosted by South Australian Governor Hieu Van Le at Government House.

Cheyenne achieved an A+ for each of the three assessment tasks, as she explored the relationship between terrorism, fear, mass media reporting and political decision making.

She interviewed a number of experts in this field, including a federal politician and a professor of political science at Colombia University.

“The ceremony was a really good experience and a nice feeling of accomplishment,” Cheyenne said.

“This is a really prominent social issue that intersects with people’s perceptions of others, and is a deep issue.

“I found it is sensationalism that feeds fears of terrorists, but it is not always a negative, as it means people can be more alert.”

Cheyenne was awarded her merit by Dr Anita Collins, an award-winning educator, researcher and writer in the field of brain development and music learning.

Teacher Simon Smith said the merit was a reward for Cheyenne’s work.

“She well and truly deserved the honour, she worked exceptionally hard throughout the year and responded to advice given to her,” Mr Smith said.

“We’ve been teaching this since 2010 and not had an A+ until now, so it is a sense of reward for the teachers involved, with Frew-ann Halbert working alongside me.

“We had fantastic grades all-round.”

Cheyenne said her aim after finishing year 12 this year was for a career in medicine.