Archery clinic a thrill for club | PHOTOS

Far West Pony Club members engaged in an activity not normally seen under the skies of Ceduna late last year when they took part in an ‘Archery on Horseback’ clinic.

Two days of skills, thrills, excitement and challenges was led by Bianca Stawiarski from Empowerment 4 Riders.

Ms Stawiarski is a former resident of the West Coast who has taught and competed in archery on horseback all across the world and she returned to Ceduna to share her skills and experience with members of the club.

This was the club’s second clinic yet many of these participants had not actually done this activity before and some had never even shot a bow on the ground.

However, this did not stop anybody and by the end of the weekend all were hitting the targets on horseback at the trot, with some firing at speed in the canter.

Pony Club Association of SA level 1 (walk), level 2 (trot) and level 3 (canter) badges were awarded and several riders gained all three on the same day.

The Far West Pony Club would like to thank everybody who attended, all those who came along to watch and help, and especially thank Ms Stawiarski for travelling from Adelaide to once again encourage and empower club members.

The club would also like to thank the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel for its kind sponsorship of the event which meant that the costs to individual members were kept to a minimum.