Citizen enjoys giving back

The Elliston District Council has announced the winners of its 2019 Australia Day awards before the celebration on January 26. 

Creagh McGlasson is this year’s Citizen of the Year, while the Elliston Community Visitor Information Centre (ECVIC) Artists’ group has been awarded Community Event of the Year for ‘Get Your Art On’.

Mr McGlasson has served as an elected member on the council since 2010 and has worked on various committees, including the Eyre Peninsula Field Day Committee since the late 1990s.

He is a life member of the Lock Football Club, the Great Flinders Football Association and the Apex Club of Australia. 

He is also heavily involved in the Lock football and netball clubs, for which he was recognised with a Club Person award in 2003 and 2007. 

Mr McGlasson is enthusiastic about his community, is always willing to help and donates his time freely whatever the event.

Despite his contributions, he said the nomination came as a surprise.

“It came a bit out of left field, and it’s quite daunting, but quite humbling,” he said.

Mr McGlasson said helping others had always been a dream.

“I always try to live by the saying; ‘enjoy what you have to do as much as enjoying what you want to do’,” Mr McGlasson said. 

“Three years ago I had a cancer scare which made me realise how wonderful and supportive the community can be,” he said.

“I’m still trying to repay that,” he said. 

The Elliston Community Visitor Information Centre’s newly revived the Artists Group, produced the “Get Your Art On” event in 2018. 

The event was part of the South Australian Living Arts Festival’s (SALA) exhibitions and workshops that occurred across the state in August 2018.

An exhibition night promoting local art in all mediums was followed by weekend of workshops.

Acting manager of the ECVIC Julie Allchurch said the event had been a great success for the town, and receiving the community award was an honour.

“It’s always a surprise when you do win anything,” she said.

“It is good to get that recognition from the people and the council,” she said.

Mrs Allchurch said because Elliston was so isolated it was often difficult to travel for art workshops and other events. 

“The cost can be so exorbitant, so we’re trying to bring everything back into Elliston,” she said. 

“Elliston has always been renowned and known for our art...and the support of the people and the council keep Elliston alive and thriving.”