Breast cancer screening unit to visit Ceduna

BreastScreen SA’s mobile screening unit is visiting Ceduna to provide free breast cancer screening for more than 440 local women.

Screening appointments will commence in early December and will continue until mid-December, with the mobile screening unit located in the car park Ceduna District Health Services.

BreastScreen SA promotions and education manager Karen Woodcock said nine out of 10 women who get breast cancer have no family history of this disease.

“While breast cancer cannot be prevented, the best way to detect it early is by having a screening mammogram every two years,” she said.

“Screening mammograms can detect most breast cancers, including some too small to be felt.”

She said the earlier a breast cancer was found, the more chance a woman has of successful treatment.

“At BreastScreen SA, each woman’s X-rays are read by two, independent radiologists and the results are posted within 14 days,” Ms Woodcock said.

“Most women are then reassured that their mammogram shows no evidence of breast cancer.”

Ms Woodcock said the procedure would take just 10 minutes and “could save your life”.

“If you’re a woman aged 50 to 74, have a breast screen every two years on the mobile screening unit while it’s visiting Ceduna.”

Appointments can be made by calling BreastScreen SA on 13 20 50.

Visit to find out more about breast cancer screening.