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Contribute to local government

Upcoming council elections are a pivotal example of a community members democratic right to have a say in the governance of their local area.

Candidates who chose to offer themselves, to represent and serve their community, provide ratepayers and residents with a voice on their district's council.

Once elected, these councillors will rely heavily on the concerns and needs of both individuals and groups, which are brought to their attention, to fulfill the role they have accepted.

Decisions made by councils should then reflect the expressed desires and viewpoints of the people they represent, rather than resolutions to matters undertaken, which only reflect the individual stance or preference of a duly elected member or a group of members.

All ratepayers, beyond just electing a council, need to be active and ongoing regular contributors to the functioning and operation of their district council, so that decisions are made with an awareness of all necessary facts and considerations.

It is easy to criticise councils for actions they have taken, and we have all done it, but if we have not made our feelings known, we abrogate our right to question and condemn their final determinations.

I urge all ratepayers and residents to contribute to their local democracy, by informing elected representatives of any issues or concerns they may have, prior to decisions being made.


10 Nicholas Street


Getting on with business

I recently read, in the Adelaide press, an opinion piece (21.9.18) suggesting that our new Premier, the Steven Marshall, was not well known out in the electorate.

In my view, nothing could be further from reality.

We live in the South East and we regularly see Steven Marshall on our nightly news service telling us what we need to be told in a succinct manner as to what is happening in the state.

If you go down to The Parade in Norwood, which is in Steven Marshall's electorate, you will find our new Premier on regular occasions wearing a t-shirt promoting one of the local charities and collecting money and engaging with the voters who all want to stop and talk to him.

What you will not see is a pack of press cameras and media following him, as was common with the previous administration.

Our new Premier is certainly well known north of Gepps Cross and south of the tollgate in regional South Australia where he is delivering for the people of regional South Australia.  He is "getting on with business".

It is a characteristic of the Marshall Government that they will not over promise and under deliver.

It is another characteristic of the Marshall Government that they do not surround themselves with the "flim flam" of a media pack as seen with the previous administration.


Mt Gambier

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