It has been an honour to serve Ceduna

My 12 years as mayor and 15 years as a member of council finishes on the 16th of this month.

I will miss my involvement at times but it was time for a change.

It has been an absolute privilege and honour to serve this much loved community.

The mayor is the principle spokesperson who must always reflect the policies and views of the elected council.

He/she also represents the community in civil ceremonies and has clear responsibilities.

This does not involve making decisions, as all decisions can only be made by a vote of elected members with the mayor only having a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

Some people have never really had a good understanding of these facts.

During my terms I have been happy to represent the decisions of the elected body as they have always been sensible ones.

During my three terms I have only been required to use a casting vote on very rare occasions and have not felt that any decisions were foolish nor driven by self interest.

In recent times other parts of local government have been severely criticised in parts of South Australia – sometimes with some cause but often in an extremely unfair way.

Our elected body has been very conscientious in its duties and does not deserve to be knocked.

Similarly, council staff carry out the decisions and policies of the elected body and we have been fortunate in having very good staff.

The composition of the new elected body is known as no election was needed.

I believe that our community has once again been very fortunate with the people who have chosen to serve.

The election for mayor is underway and I wish both Ken Maynard and Perry Will the best for this process – either way I am sure that we will be well served.

A final word for the keyboard warriors – the internet is a coward’s paradise and truly verifies that the emptiest drums make the most noise and actually do nothing to help the community.

I have always been highly amused by your kind words.


Ceduna District Council mayor