Dirt circuit again hampered by rain

Ceduna dirt circuit racing had to be abandoned again on Saturday due to the weather.

Just one race was completed at a previous October race meeting before heavy rain caused a cancellation, and even fewer laps were completed at Saturday’s event.

Ceduna Dirt Circuit Club president Darren Coote said it was disappointing to be forced to cancel at the last minute, however cited the condition of the track and the damage racing in the rain would cause to the circuit.

“The reason behind the cancellation of Saturday’s Ceduna dirt circuit race meeting is that any small amount of rain has nowhere to go due to the sea level water table being less than 150 millimeters below the surface and with high tides during the week the water has nowhere to go or soak away,” he wrote in a letter to the West Coast Sentinel.

“When the top of the track’s clay gets too much moisture it turns to slush and it is nearly impossible to drive on and causes damage to the track, for which one our unpaid volunteers has to spend a good part of a day repairing.

“Unfortunately the weather is the one thing that we have no control over and it is extremely frustrating from a club point of view.”

Mr Coote said it was the last thing they wanted.

“Whilst I understand the frustration of the paying public for last minute cancellation of the meeting we try until the last minute before canceling the night’s racing and trust me, from a drivers and committee person’s point of view it is waste of time, but that is the way it is.”

There is one more meeting scheduled for the season on Saturday, November 17, which could be changed into a double round with afternoon and evening action.

It also includes the open class Glenn Bates Memorial 20-lap race.