Your vote does make a difference in election

Voting packs for the 2018 council elections have now been posted, and for your vote to count, it must be received by the Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA) returning officer no later than the close of voting at 5pm on Friday, November 9.

If you have lost your voting pack, contact ECSA up to and including Friday, November 2, and they will reissue your ballot papers. 

Council can reissue ballot material if you attend the council office in person.

To ensure your vote counts, you must mark the squares opposite the candidates of your choice up to at least as many candidates listed on the ballot paper as positions available to be elected.

You can continue placing numbers in the remaining squares if you wish.

Please also refer to your postal voting guide enclosed in the ballot pack on how to complete your ballot material.

After Monday, November 5, ballot papers can be placed in a sealed ballot box at council offices.

However, I recommend you post your vote promptly in the reply paid envelope to ensure it is received on time and included in the count.

The voting count for the Elliston District Council will take place at 9am on Saturday, November 10, at the council office.

This is the community’s opportunity to guide the direction of the council and community by voting for the candidates it believes will do the best job for the Elliston district.

I look forward to meeting the new elected members at the next meeting of council in November and to forging strong relationships to promote and grow the community and region.

For more information about the local government elections visit


Elliston District Council chief executive officer