New Eyre health chair named

SA Health have announced Michele Smith as the governing board chairperson of the new Eyre and Far North Local Health Network.

The state government is establishing 10 Local Health Networks across the state, each with a governing board.

The boards are expected to be fully operational by the beginning of the 2019/20 financial year.

The aim is to use these networks to decentralise the health system and keep decision-making processes local.

Ms Smith is the North Eastern Community Hospital chief executive officer, where she has been since earlier this year.

Prior to her current position, she spent 11 years with Country Health SA as the Eyre Far North Regional Director.

Ms Smith lived in the Eyre Peninsula area for those 11 years before moving to Adelaide for her current position.

She is a registered nurse and holds a graduate certificate in Health Management.

Ms Smith will work in an advisory capacity until the board is fully functional.