West Coast councils ready for election

ELECTION: Ceduna will soon elect a new mayor following Allan Suter's decision to step down at the end of his current term.
ELECTION: Ceduna will soon elect a new mayor following Allan Suter's decision to step down at the end of his current term.

West Coast communities will soon be able to vote for the new council in their district at the 2018 council elections.

The Ceduna District Council had eight candidates – Paul Brown, Peter Codrington, Geoff Ryan, Ian Macgowan, Ian Bergmann, Robert Sleep, Joyce Brewster and Brenton Niemz – elected unopposed to their eight available council seats, while current councillors Ken Maynard and Perry Will have nominated for the position of mayor made vacant by Allan Suter.

Ceduna council chief executive officer Geoff Moffatt said given there were four vacancies, they were happy to get eight nominees.

“We knew some were not re-nominating and there was a concern we would not have enough people, but it was good to get eight,” he said.

“We have four new councillors and four existing, so that offers continuity and some fresh ideas.

“It’s important to vote if you want to say that you participated in electing community leaders, and there’s the old adage of don’t complain if you don’t participate.”

The Streaky Bay District Council has five nominees for both wards, with four from each to be elected.

Up for nomination for the Flinders Ward are Travis Barber, Clifford Pudney, Peter Hackett, Bruce Hein and Lauren Karp, while Philip Wheaton, Trudy McGowan, Penny Morgan, Neville Trezona and Graham Gunn are nominated for the Eyre Ward.

Streaky Bay council chief executive officer Joy Hentschke said it was great to see so many nominees.

“The encouragement for people to nominate, at a local level, started almost two years ago and at community forums we mentioned that council elections were coming up in 2018,” she said.

She said community members should vote in the elections as it would demonstrate support for a particular representative and encourage them to be more active in the community.

Once elected, the new council will vote for a mayor.

Andrew McLeod, Kym Callaghan, Kerry Williams, Peter Hitchcock, Peter Dowden, Jimmy Smith, Malcolm Hancock, Debbie May, Tom Henderson, Jay Dudley, Creagh McGlasson and Isabelle Smith are the 12 names up for the eight vacant positions at the Elliston District Council.

The new council will then vote for a chairperson at the November council meeting.

Elliston council chief executive officer Phil Cameron said people should take an interest in their local representatives.

“It’s good to see that turnout, these are people who wish to get involved in the local community and decision-making, and are people passionate about local issues,” he said.

“Voting is not compulsory, but we encourage people to vote as this is closest form of government to the people and this is their community.”

There were seven nominees for the Wudinna District Council, who have been elected unopposed.

Richard DuBois, Craig Walladge, Eleanor Scholz, Ned Luscombe, Naomi Scholz, Candice Lea and Liz Habermann will elect a mayor at the first meeting of the new council.

Wudinna chief executive officer Alan McGuire said it was good to see a new councillor come on board.

Elections will be conducted by post, with envelopes to be mailed out to residents later this month.

Completed voting material must be returned by Friday, November 9.