Children enjoy ‘scrub kindy’ play

A series of visits to Yumbarra Conservation Park has given children from the Wudinna RSL Memorial Kindergarten the opportunity to explore and enjoy nature play experiences through ‘scrub kindy’.

The children were involved in a series of activities and play during their time in the scrub.

Prior to attending, the children were also involved in a risk/benefit inquiry which led into dynamic risk assessments while out in the scrub.

They had also developed a personalised ‘acknowledgement of country’ to express their gratitude before proceeding into the day.

Kindergarten director Beck Sampson said they had enjoyed seeing the evidence of the critical and creative thinking of the children as they engaged in nature play activities.

She said they noticed the incredible STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) play opportunities that being out in the bush had presented to them, and the deep engagement the nature play experience promoted.

The kindergarten children were joined by their year 7 buddy class from Wudinna Area School and Simon Hutchinson from Climbing Tree, who instigated and modelled STEM thinking when building and modifying cubby houses, using tools and building traps and snares.

Ms Sampson said it had been a highly successful experience and that they looked forward to expanding next year.