Snakes on the move in spring

Spring has sprung, and that means snakes are on the move after coming out of hibernation from the colder months.

Department for Environment and Water animal welfare manager Deb Kelly said there were snakes all over South Australia.

“Death adders are fairly common in coastal areas of Eyre and Yorke peninsulas,” Dr Kelly said.

“Contrary to popular belief, snakes don’t only live in bushland – you’ll see them in the suburbs, and even at the beach – sand dunes are prime snake habitat.

If you see a snake, do not try to catch or kill it yourself as this is when most bites happen.

If the snake is outside and heading towards bushland or a field, leave it alone as most snakes are not aggressive and will not chase.

If a person is bitten, call 000 and wrap a pressure bandage tightly over the area.