Platinum anniversary for Ceduna couple

Ralph and Doreen Denton of Ceduna celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary earlier this month together with family members at the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel.

They both grew up in the same area on the West Coast and from there a relationship flourished and marriage followed.

Mr and Mrs Denton were married at the Mudamuckla Church during the afternoon and then went on to have a reception ceremony of dance and supper at the local hall.

Back in 1948 they did not have wedding photographers present so their official wedding photo was recreated in Adelaide while the pair were enjoying their honeymoon.

The Denton family made their home at Smoky Bay where they ran a small shop and post office, while Mr Denton also helped his father on the farm.

When he later moved to Adelaide, Mr and Mrs Denton would take over the farm.

At Smoky Bay they raised four girls and one boy.

Mr and Mrs Denton have enjoyed a long and happy life together, travelling around Australia and going to New Zealand with friends while also enjoying their various activities in and around Ceduna, where they retired in the 1980s.

They now have 13 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren and love to catch up with them all whenever possible.

The family said they were proud of their achievement and were great role models.

Mr and Mrs Denton received messages from the Queen and various government parties in South Australia and Australia upon reaching this milestone of 70 years of marriage.

Daughter Sue Dupree made the cake which was enjoyed by all present at the celebration.