Letters to the editor

Ceduna Area School year 7 students have been learning about writing letters to the editor, below are some of their submissions. 

Mobile phone risks

Although not everyone will agree, phones are frequently used for the wrong and unauthorised activities, causing distractions and leading to health problems for students.

This is why I believe students shouldn’t be given the opportunity to use mobile phones in school.

I have several reasons for believing this.

First being, that students use their devices for inappropriate uses all the time.

Games are becoming a common occurrence on students phones, removing the students from the lesson. Kids are constantly using social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

They are using going to the toilets or drink fountains as excuses to leave the class and use these sites.

Bullying also happens a lot at school, so bringing phones into the equation adds another opportunity to bully others through cyber-bullying.

An equally important point to consider is that the phone causes distractions to other students during class, making them miss out on their education.

If students are distracted when walking home they run an increased risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Music can be used as a way to complete work without distractions from other students, but if the use of music is unauthorised the students may miss vital hints and instructions.

In addition, health concerns are caused by phones, such as obesity as more and more games and time consuming apps are being created.

Students sit on their bums for more and more time doing less physical activities, leading to young kids getting fat. Games drain away at their developing brains making them dumber than ever.

Students don’t talk to each other as much, which is required to keep them confident in talking to others, which will restrict them later in life when they are applying for jobs.

In conclusion phones are more trouble than not for the reasons outlined above.

Therefore, I believe that mobile phones should not be allowed in schools across Australia.


No phones in schools

I believe that mobile phones should not be allowed to be used at school, as it would lead to more cyber bullying, people playing games instead of working and the use of cheating in tests.

This would mean more people getting told off.

To begin with, people will start playing games distracting themselves from learning and the people around them. The teacher would not be able to teach because everyone would not be listening.

Another reason is that cyber bullying would occur more often, which would make students in class unhappy. Letting this happen in the class would make kids getting bullied upset and not wanting to do their work.

My final point is that some people would use their phones to cheat in tests.

This would mean they wouldn’t have to learn because they would just get the answer.

Their researching skills would decrease as they would start to become lazy.

In conclusion, mobile phones should not be allowed in class as it would distract people, let people cheat and bullying would occur more often.

Letting this happen in schools would make no one want to come to school.


An educational tool

Students should be allowed to use phones during school for many reasonable and educational purposes. They will be used usefully when needed and will not become a distraction.

This is why I believe students should be allowed to use mobile phones in school.

To begin with, while people are saying that phones are putting us in danger, they can actually be saving our lives.

Parents advise their kids to bring their phones so they can contact them in emergencies, instead of having to wait for the school to answer and then put them through to their child.

For instance if someone tried to break in or the school was under attack and the provided classroom phone was out of reach you can use your mobile phone.

When you are walking home, alone or with siblings, and someone tries to kidnap you, your phone is easy to access. Phones can save your life in many ways.

I strongly believe phones can be used in many educational ways.

Your phone provides a calculator, educational apps and websites.

The school internet is really slow and by the time you get it to work, the lesson is nearly over.

You can use your phone for Google and other necessary uses, instead of wasting the lesson waiting for the internet.

My final point, is that it encourages students to use technology responsibly.

If they are using it for learning purposes most of the time it will encourage them to use it like that more often.

It will give them the responsibility of using and caring for a possession.

When and if they use it inappropriately, and it is confiscated, they will learn to accept the consequence and move on.

In conclusion, having mobile phones at school is an advantage. It will help us use our time efficiently, learn responsibilities and keep us safe.