Danceduna celebrates first decade

Danceduna is ready to celebrate its first decade with a concert showcase this Friday.

Danceduna began as a council-run initiative in 2009 and for the first two years was organised by the Ceduna District Council, before becoming a parent-led community organisation.

There have been numerous volunteers who have worked tirelessly so that children in the district could have the opportunity to partake in dance lessons and performances that would otherwise be unavailable.

Danceduna president Cindy Ettridge said it had been a decade of endeavouring that participants increased their fitness levels, developed flexibility, strength, endurance and a sense of well-being.

She said they aimed to foster an environment where members could discover, explore, learn, experiment and share a variety of dance styles and techniques in a safe and fun environment.

Each year about 90 children are involved in weekly lessons during terms two and three, working towards an end of season concert showcase held each September.

The showcase has grown into quite a spectacular event with elaborate backdrops, stage lighting and a new storyline each year.

Over the decade, 270 children have taken part in at least one year of lessons, with Dakota Ettridge and Ashlee Green now preparing for their ninth concert.

The Happy Birthday concert showcase will take place at the Ceduna Memorial Hall on Friday, September 14, with doors opening at 7pm and the performance beginning at 7.30pm.

There is a $10 entry fee for adults, with children free – all are welcome to attend.