My term as mayor is soon to be over

As from the November ordinary council meeting, my term as mayor will be finished with a new council and mayor in place.

At this time I will have been involved in local government for about 15 years including almost 12 years as mayor.

It has truly been a privilege to serve the Ceduna community.

This is a great town and I wish to remain as a proud Ceduna resident, health permitting.

Our community has been extremely fortunate in having elected members who have consistently acted in the best interests of our district.

During my involvement with fellow councilors, I believe that they have shown a lack of self interest, with all decision making being made based on what is seen as being best for Ceduna.

Our council has always been “non political” unlike some other councils where party politics are paramount. I sincerely hope that this continues to be the case in future.

We have been particularly lucky with the quality of council staff who complete their duties enthusiastically and thoroughly. 

Council staff act under the direction of the elected council and in accordance with council policies – this fact is sometimes not understood by all members of the community.

Some suggested advice for new elected members.

From time to time individual ratepayers take exception with an action of council and criticise members of staff or elected members.

When this is warranted and reasonable then this should be fixed and apologised for as appropriate.

There are times when complaints are both unfair and involve personal abuse.

Subject to the ‘is the complaint fair’ rule the most abuse tends to come from individuals who have never performed any form of community service or put forward any worthwhile suggestions.

Whilst reasonable comment should always be respected, unfair whiners should be ignored when they are acting unreasonably.

I believe that most community members appreciate the service performed by elected members and staff.

I very much appreciate the many good people in Ceduna and am fortunate to have been able to serve in the capacity of mayor.


Ceduna District Council mayor