Dog virus warning for Ceduna area

Dog owners in the Ceduna area have been asked to vaccinate their dogs against Canine parvovirus (CPV).

The Lincoln Vet Centre said Whyalla has been battling a major outbreak for months, with further reports of cases around Ceduna – all three of which had been fatal.

CPV is a highly contagious virus which causes disease in thousands of puppies and dogs across Australia each year, with close to 50 per cent mortality in infected animals.

There does not need to be dog-to-dog contact for the disease to spread as it could come from infected patients’ faeces.

A contaminated environment could lead to indirect transmission on items such as shoes, while the disease can survive in an environment for more than a year.

Vaccination is the best protection.

Puppies are most at risk and must receive three vaccinations to be protected, then an annual or tri-annual booster.

It is recommended to first vaccinate between six to eight weeks of age, then 10-12 weeks and finally 14-16 weeks.