Variety grant helps Streaky Bay Children’s Centre

Variety has presented a range of items valued at $10,000 to the Streaky Bay Children’s Centre.

Variety SA board chair Rob Kerin made the grant presentation to the centre last week for a range of items for sensory play including a music wall, steel drum and large xylophone as well as a water pump and outdoor mud kitchen.

The centre assists about 70 families in the district with children aged up to six years attending, including two children living with autism.

Sensory play equipment assists children’s development and is particularly valuable for children with autism.

“I am pleased to present this grant to the Streaky Bay Children’s Centre on behalf of all of our hardworking event entrants and supporters,” Mr Kerin said.

“It is thanks to them that grants like this are made possible.

“Supporting kids in regional communities is just part of the important work we do at Variety.”

The equipment will be installed in the existing outdoor play environment.

Variety said it was committed to giving children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs a fair go in life so they can have the same opportunities as other children.